Noft Games Cup | Play 2 Earn BNB


— a tournament where all nofts gather once a season


Qualifying groupFor all applications
Noft battles with randoms in a match. Points for several rounds summed up in the leaderboard.
Leading groupFor the top-players
1/864 nofts
1/432 nofts
semifinal16 nofts
final8 nofts
3 champions
SandboxFor The Others
Points earned in the qualifying round are reset. Rounds continue until the end of the tournament. The best nofts will receive awards from sponsors.
Winners of sandbox


What is Noft Games Cup about?
Spectacular Show
Using the power of blockchain we create a new kind of competition. Exciting and gambling.
Honest Referee
The game is built on teh BSC smart contracts. This makes the results fair, open and verifiable.
The winners earn prizes of real value: BNB and the special sponsor prizes.
No Fees
You need to decide which your noft faces the challenge. And that’s all.


Don't have a noft? It’s waiting for you

General Sponsor

Noft Drop by World Token


Technical PartnersInformation Partners


Welcom to Discord server
To Join the Cup
Registration is ongoing. Go to the server and call /join_cup.
To Learn Rules and Details
The rules, the guideline, the description of gameplay — everything is on the server.
To Become a part of community
Traders, gamblers and crypto-enthusiasts. Discuss the latest news and decide which noft is the most. We glad to everyone.
To ask any questions
How do I apply? Which strategy choose? Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

For sponsors

Thinking about a sponsoring?
A new way of interacting with the audienceContact with the target audience of crypto-enthusiastsPresentation of goods and services, directly to the audience