Halloween Cup

Noft Games, 2022Be the first to know about the launch
01 β€” 28 Oct.Stage I
If you're owner
of a Halloween Noft
You're welcome to join Cup fo free.
If you haven't got
a Halloween Noft
Get a Noft down here and hurry up to participate without fees.
Best Time To Join
29 β€” 30 Oct.Stage II
If you're owner
of a Halloween Noft
Pay $10 for entry fee with variety of BEP-20 and be ready to fight!
If you haven't got
a Halloween Noft
Get a Noft down here and participate with a little $10 entry fee.
Last Chance
31 Oct.Stage III
Cup Day


Our Event is for Halloween Noft Owner. Its a spesial collections dedicated to the scariest night of the year. On the eve of All Saints' Day we will gather for a tournament πŸ‘‡

πŸŽƒTo all the HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE Nofters!πŸ‘»

On All Saints' Eve, we're gathering for an open tournament. Exclusive and free for owners of Nofts from our Halloween collection!

Get prepared, grab your Halloween Monster-Noft now, and join the spooky battle on Oct 31!
Spectacular ShowUsing the power of blockchain we create a new kind of competition. Exciting and gambling.
Honest RefereeThe game is built on teh BSC Smart contracts. This makes the results fair, open and verifiable.
PrizesThe winners earn prizes of real value: BNB and the special sponsor prizes.
No FeesYou need to decide which your noft faces the challenge. And that’s all.


Do You Have A Halloween Noft?


Each Participant Get a Prize!

Updates & Details

Welcome To Discord Server
To Ask Any QuestionsHow do I apply for pre-registration? Which noft to choose? Any other questions? Feel free to ask!
To Know News FirstDiscord server is the fastest way to make announcement. All news will be here first.
To Become A Part Of CommunityTraders, gamblers and crypto-enthusiasts. Discuss the latest news and decide which noft is the most. We glad to everyone.
To Get The Start Of Registration Noft Games Cup at the pre-registration stage now. Registration will be open soon. Catch announce on the Server!

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